Herringbone Tile Pattern For Offices

The herringbone tile pattern is a much-loved choice. Globally, this unique pattern has been the best option in decorating both interior and exterior. Even though the design has existed for some decades, it still maintains its uniqueness up to date. In America, herringbone tile was once regarded as the best pattern to give a stunning look on projects.

There has been an argument over the years on the best place to use this great pattern. Some people agree that herringbone tile will be a great choice in homes, while others believe that this pattern is strictly meant for commercial use. However, the uniqueness in using herringbone tile pattern has, one way or the other, contributed a lot to both homes and offices.

We are here to inform you that there’s no place where one can’t use this great pattern. However, in this article, we will be focusing on herringbone tile patterns for commercial use. Here, we will provide some tips on specific places where herringbone patterns will fit-in in offices. As a matter of fact, you need a design that will create an uninterrupted design that will catch customers’ attention. For instance, a company with herringbone tile designs on walls and floors will catch customers’ attention. Of course, they will look at first feel comfortable, and they will like to know what they are doing. Psychologically, people tend to give their all to where they are first satisfied by what they see. We are saying this to show you how important it is to have this unique pattern in your office.

Here in Sydney, we noticed that some companies are making it big because everyone loves to be around their company. Therefore we had to walk to those companies, and we saw walls and floors covered with tiles in herring pattern. Not only that, they creatively combine tiles of different colors that merge to create a herringbone pattern. There’s no how you will get there without asking about that company—the herringbone tile pattern ‘wow’ everybody.

Are you also looking for a way to create a stunning look for your company? Or do you want to know what you can do beautify for the office to enhance more customers? We will implore you to read through this write-up carefully. It will help you.

Perhaps, this herringbone pattern might be something new to you. So, we shall briefly discuss the meaning of the herringbone tile pattern.

What are herringbone tiles?

In herringbone tile pattern, tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle on the wall or floor; each rectangular piece of tiles is applied at 90 degrees to the one next to it. Therefore, the pattern will resemble a fishbone like a set of arrows or triangles at the end of the installation process. The herringbone pattern is made up of equal-sized, rectangular pieces arranged in a staggered zigzag pattern.

Places where herringbone tiles pattern can be installed in offices

There’s no doubt that the herringbone tile pattern is suitable for both interior and exterior decoration. You can make use of this pattern to cover both walls and floors in your office. However, there are some specific places where one can install this pattern. Here are the details;

  1. You can choose to cover the walls, sandstone pavers, and floor of the walkway in your office with tiles using a herringbone pattern. We saw this in one company right here in Sydney. Using herringbone tile in walkways will be a great choice because seeing this design on your walkway is a sign of advertising the level of creativity in your company. That’s the way people think. When they see something like that, they believe that they can get what they want here. Customers might get carried away with the beauty of the design, and they would have concluded in their heart to work with you mere seeing the beauty in your office.
  2. Herringbone tiles in reception. The reception is a social place to welcome visitors. It is an office in the organization where all visitors to the organization are received. We want you to picture it right now. Imagine your reception office is full of herringbone tile. Just picture how beautiful it will look. We have seen countless reception offices in Sydney with herringbone tile patterns. Their beauty is beyond expression. In fact, people are attracted to this beautiful design to the extent that they want to take pictures and ask questions about its being laid.
  3. Herringbone tile in your office. As the company’s CEO of SEO Galway, using herringbone tile on the walls and floor in your office will be a good one. Don’t forget that your office is where the final deal with clients will be done. Therefore, you must make plans on how to give it a stunning and shiny look. You don’t need to worry about how to go about it. There are professional tilers around you that can help you out. CEO’s office should be a well-arranged place with things that will attract clients to strike a deal. Therefore, if you want to consider herringbone tile for your office, you are making the right choice.
  4. Herringbone tiles pattern in restrooms. This unique pattern will fit-in in all restrooms that you have in your company. Don’t forget that herringbone tile is also the best pattern of tile for bathrooms and toilets. It is the best because it is the one pattern of tile that water cannot penetrate easily. The way of installing herringbone tile is different from the way other designs are laid. One of the advantages of laying tiles in a herringbone pattern is their ability to resist water. Tiles are applied at a very close range.
  5. Herringbone pattern in the exterior. This usage of this pattern is not limited to the interior. One can also use this pattern to cover walls in the exterior part of the company.


You can also take the appearance of your office to look appealing to your clients by designing it with a herringbone pattern. You can as well join the league of those that you see as top companies. Some of those companies you hold in high regard started their level of creativity by what people can see to what they can offer.

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